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Storage Granules gray sand Dixneuf Design Curve. Univeco.com


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Storage Granules gray sand Dixneuf Design Curve.
Enter the Dixneuf Design collections. Living, amazing, reassuring, they inspire the decoration ideas that reveal inner landscapes. Strong and attractive accessories Dixneuf Design together those looking for reliability and originality.

Body and cover in steel.
3 available colours: grey, black, white and sand frosted.
Large capacity: up to 45 kg (3 bags).
On wheels.
Visibility of the level of granules.
Hang on for the cover.
-Height: 66 cm
-Height in inches: 25.98 ”
-Length: 40 cm
-Length in inches: 15.74 ”
-Depth: 40 cm
-Depth in inches: 15.74 ”
-Weight: 12 kg
-Warranty: 2 years
Other colors and versions available on request.

Brand: Design DIXNEUF
French manufacturing.

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