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Pure Spa Intex. Univeco/Casa Selects


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Pure Spa Intex. Take time to relax! Inflatable spas designs, comfortable and ultra resistant FIBERTECH equipped with technology for exceptional strength and rigidity.
New spa Intex jets and bubbles octagonal offer many advantages: they are very simple to install, portable and nomadic as particularly inexpensive compared to a spa in solid!
The new models are available in 4 and 6-seater bubble and jet, with filtering and saltwater system.
We also propose you to discover the only model of inflatable Spa which includes a small pool, ideal for enjoying the family spa!

Advantage products of Intex brand:
The brand reference above ground and inflatable spa. Founded in 1964 in Los Angeles, California. INTEX is now present in over 100 countries and employs approximately 14,000 people.
undisputed leader, INTEX has built its reputation thanks to an ultra-modern production facility using advanced technologies and ongoing production control.
Intex, the specialized brand of pool and spa selected by the specialist FitMarina.
Select Pure Spas Intex on UnivecoCasa.com (Europe) and UnivecoCasaShop.com (Americas)

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