Burner electronic ethanol AxiJet sublim I-Blue Automatic NeoFlame

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Burner electronic ethanol AxiJet sublim I-Blue Automatic NeoFlame (with remote).
AxiJet burner is equipped with the latest innovations NeoFlame for a wonderful game of flame, optimum security and comfort.

Design and NeoFlame bioethanol heating > Ultra Design and Ultra secure

Sublima Luxury Collection

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Data sheet

Height115 mm
Lenght584 mm
Depth235 mm
Weight7 kg
PowerI-Blue - Heating: 3750 - 4250 W
CombustibleLiquid purified ethanol 95/96%
OperatingElectronic system with LCD screen and remote ignition
CertificationsNorme Afnor D35-386 et plus

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Burner electronic ethanol AxiJet sublim I-Blue Automatic NeoFlame (with remote).
Revolutionary and ultra comfortable,
AxiJet burner is equipped with the latest NeoFlame to the service of your comfort.

Whether it's for its minimalist design, the comfort of use, or still active heating, treat yourself and require technology for a beautiful set of flame, optimum security and unsurpassed comfort.
This burner will give your room a general appearance of solidity and modernity. Embed it within a traditional world to achieve an original blend or install in a world trend to offer a disturbing feeling of modernity and Futurism.
Enjoy the spectacle of the fire in your fireplace to heat you up, or simply for its warm light, and because he is mastered, you can use it all year long, even summer evenings!
Use supplementary heating and also design object of decoration.

Everything has been done to promote easy use of your ethanol chimney. No installation work, no maintenance, and these fireplaces bio ethanol top range have been designed so that with a simple press of a button you can turn on or off your space-fire.
Revolutionary and ultra comfortable,
AxiJet burner is equipped with the latest Univeco to the service of your comfort.
Whether it's for its minimalist design, the comfort of use, or the active heating, treat yourself and require technology AxiJet V5.05 iD - Living © inside for a wonderful game of flame, optimum security and comfort.
AxiJet system is equipped with functions automation, regulation automatic multi-speed SV6-Tronic and the injection cartidge AxiCart > 5th generation of burners electronic NeoFlame.
Ideal to enjoy the magic of a real fire with beautiful bright flames and without constraints.
It is the ideal heater for all day, approval and more.

Technology at the service of comfort and design

Burner secure integrating the requirements of standard NF D35-386, with module Home Automation, UI, display LCD 4 lines, automatic ignition, electronic gauge and active safety.
The comfort of heating the bioethanol - nature - both efficient and ecological energy.

> Firebox:
Burner AxiJet Sublima I Blue Automatic remote controlled -Intelligent Fire System - ethanol liquid,
with technology iD - Living © According to the specifications regulatory NeoFlame (the most secure in the world) and higher, for an optimum flame game and unsurpassed comfort.

 AxiJet Swiss technology. Patented and certified electronic systems.
High-end and certified
- AFNOR ISO 9001 certified production unit.

-Material: Steel and stainless steel, epoxy high temperature,
-Insulation: Structure equipped with insulation high-end,.
-Dimensions: L584 * H115 * d235mm,.
-Weight: 7 kg,
-Tank capacity: 2.75 l with low consumption optimized for a spectacular flame game,.
-Renewable energy
-Heating capacity: 3750-4250 W
-Consumption: 0.25-0.30 liter/h,
-Thermal efficiency: over 99%, heat by convection and ventilation,
-Recommended surface (under 2.45 m ceiling): from 16 to 65 m2,
- Remote AxiJet iD-Living -BaySeasons Robotics (included with this burner),
-This electronic model to ethanol works with a extended battery NMIH 12 Volts supplied with the charger,
-Opening and closing automated fuel hatch, filling facilitated (without removing the tank).
- Burning time: 3 H per outbreak (Cycles of 3 H, renewable after 30 minutes of judgment), programmable per 5 minutes,
-Technology to injection of liquid ethanol regulated electronically, with the operating system AxiJet iD-Living: Technology to control automatic multi-speed SV6-Tronic,
- Module domotique AxiJet Sublima remote I-Blue > The operation AxiJet iD - Living © sublim I-Blue system includes:
Access "parental code" and "service code", controlled by software, user interface programming period of 5 minutes to midnight, hourly smoothing, illuminated 4-line backlit LCD display, Automatic ignitionshowing the remaining time, remote control OK/Off/High / Low, and setting buttons, Regulation automatic multi-speed SV6-Tronic, active electronic, anti-tip, anti-spill, safety tested low emission of CO2 NF (integrated optional CO2 detector), the flame detection, electronic dipstick (fuel and battery), intuitive operation and more,... Works with a 12 volt battery long duration provided with its charger.

> Manufacturer's warranty: The warranty is 24 months for the structure of the burner, dressing, and 12 months for the home automation (excluding accessories and consumable cartridge AxiCart) module.
- Mark. NeoFlame. Research, design so that the tests are carried out in Switzerland. All components (sheet metal, mechanics, electronics, stainless steel, etc) have been chosen from the best manufacturers, then tested and validated in Switzerland. Production and assemblies are made in Switzerland and Europe.
-Compliance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

Options and consumables:

- Windows Firewall security,
- Decorative pebbles,
- Pure ethanol Axifuel,
Cartridge injection AxiCart.
-CO2 sensor optional integrated: Pack Professional (integrated CO2 and hourly smoothing) on request to institutions subject to the regulation of the E.R.P. > contact our Pro Service authorized INSSI from the National Centre of Prevention and Protection (NCPCS).

No. 1 worldwide electronic fireplace for bioethanol and inventor of AxiJet iD-Living technology.
Unique in the world, it is the only real operating system maker ethanol that adapts to all your desires, regardless of the time, the place and the manner in which you wish to enjoy your fireplace. It is efficient and environmentally friendly heating regulated in ethanol.
We imagine new models to meet the needs and desires of tomorrow.
The new generation that changes everything. Design, safety and advanced technology, the bio fireplace will never be the same...

The pleasure of the fire without its constraints, with the real electronic Univeco ethanol fireplace.

.. .more safe, comfortable, design, equipped with intelligent features!

Fireplaces and burners certified conforming to standard NF D35-386. Certificate of compliance with the standard NF D35 - 386 ref DE/52/NP/AW on October 2, 2009 by the LNE (National Laboratory of metrology and testing), for electronic burner Dual Sylver type Style AxiJet including brands, technologies and patent are the property of NeoFlame.

Univeco, heating and decoration with the bioethanol fire design expert

Univeco, ideal supplementary heating at the right price, design and approval more

The electronic fireplace NeoFlame is the way to the more rapid heating of the market. It is an economic heater use which allows you to manage your heating budget as you wish.
Let our models ignite your emotions

Heating complementary and accreditation, the Univeco electronic fireplace for a sublime vision of fire and you heat by making economies.
Our fireplaces have an automatic performance system that allows an optimal exploitation of the fuel.

Familiar heat
Relax by the fire, watching the flames twirl... The chimneys and burners NeoFlame offer this unparalleled pleasure. All comfort, they bring you a gentle friendly and comforting warmth. Very easy to use, they require little attention and maintenance. Fire lights up automatically and the ingenious system of particularly effective programming, it takes a long time with little fuel. These excellent benefit save the environment and relieve your wallet.
-Designed for your facility,
-A "long-term", the current version heat heat,
-Special attention to your well being,
-Beautiful still visible flames.
-Warm up healthily, safely, by combining economy and ecology,
-Economic and eco-friendly,

Univeco Design & Technology designs and manufactures the widest ranges of ethanol fireplaces and decorative radiant panels. At NeoFlame, we imagine new models to meet the needs and desires of tomorrow.

Fireplaces and stoves ethanol Neoflame. The world reference.


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