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Body-Solid. Bodybuilding and Fitness by Univeco/Casa


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Body-Solid. Specialist training equipment and fitness equipment.
Body-Solid. All the bodybuilding and fitness equipment for s’ train at home and in the center Gym, and thus perform a weight training with correct movements. Selection Univeco/Casa discount prices guaranteed!

Body-Solid is a manufacturer and distributor of professional equipment Strength Training based in USA. The company, present on the international market for over 25 years, is distinguished by its high quality appliances.
Discover here all our product Body-Solid, developed benches classic lying multifunction machines through accessories such as rack storage or power bars. Find the taste of professional training indoors at home thanks to this material very good quality affordable.
Select Body-Solid equipment on UnivecoCasa.com (Europe) and UnivecoCasaShop.com (Americas)

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