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4-Pack water Connubia chairs transparent clear green water stackable. Univeco.com


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Set of 4 chairs water Connubia clear transparent green water stackable hull.
Ideal Chair to fit the kitchen and the bar, with its 4-foot metal structure. Its hull evokes the transparency of water thanks to the plastic material used (techno-polymer) that simulates the lapping of the concentric waves visible on the surface of the water. The resistance of the materials used here is opposed to the tremendous sensation of lightness that this Connubia Chair gives off. The water is on the other hand stackable by 4.
Design: Archirivolto
Matt silver metal with a coat of paint. The base is polyester powder and the second layer with the finish of transparent polyester powder. The net effect is a color trends that finish in brushed aluminum hi-tech, which gives the product a varied range of combinations.

Brand: Connubia
Connubia is the range that expresses and interprets, the main activity of the Calligaris group at a high level of excellence and assortment:
Tables and chairs, the essentials of “dining together”. Connubia is the greatest specialist of these essential elements, always pushing its limits, combining technology and tradition.

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